OPX | Welcome to the Family, Lexie!
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Welcome to the Family, Lexie!

We recently welcomed a new designer to our work better family! Lexie Byrne is from Oakland, Maryland where her interest in design first began. Growing up with parents who loved house projects and remodeling, Lexie’s been around design her whole life. She loves Radford, all things Maryland (Raven’s, Boh’s, Crabs, and O’s), and spending her spare time eating and drinking her way around Alexandria and the District! We are thrilled to have Lexie join our OPX family!


Degree: 2015 Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design, Radford University

Favorite Place Recently Traveled: The High Line in New York City to visit my sister


Q: What was your first job ever?
A: “I was a serial babysitter first. One of the folks I babysat for was a former white water Olympic kayaker so he was commissioned to run this white water river course, Adventure Sports Center International (ASCI), which was built on top of the Wisp ski resort. I was the river guard – pretty much a lifeguard. And there was this program called Kiddy Kayaking where I taught kids kayaking strokes! It was adorable.”


Q: Why did you decide to go into interior design?
A: “So many people ask this! I’ll admit, there was never a moment where I thought to myself “I want to be a designer!” – it just happened. My parents are crazy into house projects. They are just project people. I think that’s where I got the interest. I just knew – when I was looking at schools, I was only looking at places that had design programs. When I started at Radford I began working on my design degree immediately, but I had a double major in sociology also and a minor in Spanish. Those two just kind of tapered off and I became focused completely on interior design!”


Q: Why did you choose OPX?
A: “Well I wasn’t really looking but I had been in touch with a recruiter right after college, and she contacted me recently and said “I’ve got a firm for you – they’re awesome and so different, I think you’ll really fit in with them and hit it off with the people.” During my first interview, I didn’t feel as nervous as I expected to be. The first question I was asked was literally “What’s up, what have you been up to?” The conversation was just so comfortable; I’d never been in an interview like that at all. When I walked around the office I thought this was the perfect place for a millennial to work! It just all sort of fell into place perfectly.”


Q: Tell us more about yourself!
A: “So I have a twin sister named Virginia and this past summer we found ourselves thinking about starting a blog together! We haven’t actually made any moves on it yet… but we’ve been working on our branding and we want to call it Two City Twins and it’s going to be like a lifestyle/food blog that is more for us to feel connected despite the geographical distance than anything. It will be very food heavy because we’re both obsessed with cooking and eating! So stay tuned because we want to have something in the next year or so.”


Welcome, Lexie!

Lee Quinby