OPX | Welcome to the Family, Amadou Tall!
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Welcome to the Family, Amadou Tall!

When you have a last name like Tall, it comes with pretty high expectations.

Amadou Tall joined OPX in the spring as our Finance Manager and continues to exceed those expectations. Even with a name like Tall, he manages to stay down to earth. Amadou is our boots on the ground guy, familiarizing himself with our projects and diving into each of them at an impressively granular level. He has quickly gotten to know our principals and project teams by managing the finances for each client engagement, keeping us on financial track by project and as a firm.

“I really get a sense of how OPX works from everyone. One Project Manager’s style might be very methodical, and another has a more interpretive sense. I learn from both – and all of the project managers combined.”

Perhaps that is why Amadou chose this Woodrow Wilson quote to include under his headshot on the OPX website: “I not only use all the brains that I have, but all that I can borrow.”

Born in Dakar, Senegal, Amadou continues to borrow and learn from people all around the world. You could say that Amadou’s role as Finance Manager is a culmination of all the things in his life – his childhood dream was to become a civil engineer. Following his education, he started a career managing the finances of a construction company. When he came to the US in 2010, he continued to work as the director of finance for ‘All Africa’, an African news agency. While this consultant role gave him the opportunity to reconnect with his birthplace and see more of the world, he found himself searching for work-life balance for his young family. He and his wife Aminata have two children – Hamidou, now 5, and 16 month old Abdoulaye. He found that last year when he joined CRI – OPX’s partner for financial work – where he was contracted to us as a consultant.

Now Amadou is officially an OPXer and we couldn’t be happier! He continues to raise the bar, exceeding his own high expectations and effortlessly fitting in with our culture and OPX family. Basketball is still his first love (his dream is to play a one-on-one game with Michael Jordan), but we’ve managed to recruit him for OPX soccer and volleyball, where he certainly lives up to his surname! You can find Amadou greeting everyone in the morning with a beaming smile and cup of coffee. Ed Corr, a principal here at OPX, says, “We are so fortunate to have Amadou on our team, taking advantage of his tactical and strategic skills – he is a real fit with the company. He will, without a doubt, improve our work and reporting and be an enduring addition to OPX.”

While Dubai is still his favorite place in the world, he considers OPX pretty great, too. “I was looking for a career, and OPX continues to motivate me every day. I see that in everyone here. The motivation is healthy and inspiring.”


Welcome, Amadou!

Lee Quinby