OPX | Washington Business Journal’s 2016 Innovation Awards: OPX ESP™
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Washington Business Journal’s 2016 Innovation Awards: OPX ESP™

“Does a tool exist that helps companies imagine their ideal office designs? In 1999, the answer was no. But an idea for such a system was brewing at OPX, courtesy of Steve Polo, managing partner of the D.C. -based design firm. His concept, years later, changed the answer to that question. Now, it’s much more than a concept, thanks to its developer, Andy Holmes – and it’s strapping in for takeoff.

OPX was honored Thursday, September 22, 2016 at Washington Business Journal’s inaugural Innovation Awards for our web-based application called ESP, or Electronic Scenario Planning. It was an honor to be among those recognized that evening, as WBJ spotlighted people and products within the medical, educational and food service industries as well. You can read the full review in the link below and watch Andy Holmes talk about what innovation means to us here at OPX. Stay tuned for more announcements about ESP in the future!



Lee Quinby