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Thank you, Brian

Brian Henning has been with OPX since the firm was founded in 1983. From his first day with the company, Brian’s priority was to maintain the quality of design and construction produced by OPX. But his other priorities are many, even if sometimes hidden. They include expert analysis and teaching. Brian has a way of looking at challenges, particularly technical in nature, taking them apart and coming up with ways to get things drawn and communicated successfully. Brian has worked tirelessly developing our staff and helping them become not only technically competent, but experts. He has an unwavering commitment to supporting his colleagues in their personal growth and leadership development.

Brian developed an in-house Quality Control system that generates technically accurate documentation and builds the skills of OPX team members. He has provided technical leadership for nearly every project performed by the firm over 30 years of practice, ranging from large-scale base buildings to small tenant spaces. Given Brian’s years of experience with engineering systems, codes, and construction, he has worked closely with OPX’s clients, consultants and contractors to ensure the work meets the design intent.

If you ask Brian about his greatest interests and competence, he may tell you he is a draftsman – or a gypsum board installer and finisher. Maybe a jeep and train enthusiast. Even a curmudgeon! He will definitely note his country-western dancing prowess and be the first to point out a song that would support a great dance (or not)! That’s all true, but only a part of who Brian is and has been to OPX – he is a mentor, a constructive critic, a selfless listener – a consummate Stanley. Brian is a friend.

Thank you, Brian – for the 33 years, 9 months, and 13 days you committed to our work and pursuit of excellence.  We wish you all the best in your retired years.  You are always welcome at OPX. 


Ed Corr

Ed Corr