OPX | Our Story
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Our Story

OPX is a design consultancy that uses design to create opportunities, generate better ideas and solve business challenges. We have a unique process we call the Integrated Operating Environment (IOE), which is our set of innovative assessment tools developed to investigate how the correct integration of people, tools and place result in workspaces that help organizations work better.


Our track record of successful engagements and industry innovations establishes our unique ability to help your organization overcome its toughest business challenges.

Why We Exist

We make good companies work better.

What We’re Known For

Thought Leadership
Design Thinking
Operational Results

How We Act

Be Positive
Think Differently
Design for Impact
Seek Improvement
Do the Right Thing
Give Back
Protect the Planet

Integrated Operating Environment

Our approach goes above and beyond traditional design engagements. We offer our clients a multi-step process that identifies the current operational, technical and cultural trends within their organization. Those discoveries enable us to create the most appropriate design for their organization, and to make personalized recommendations that enhance their operations and foster future growth.

Interior Design

For more than 30 years, our progressive Interior Design and Interior Architecture services have shaped working environments for some of the best known and most highly respected companies in the world. We offer a client-centered, integrated approach based on superior knowledge of our clients’ industries and a strategy toolkit that enables us to identify, align and integrate spaces that lead to more efficient workplaces.

Transformation Leadership

Transformational change can be fully realized only when the entire organization transforms its behavior. OPX’s Transformation Leadership (TL) process helps to harness the excitement and reduce the uncertainty that inevitably builds up around organizational paradigm change. TL channels that energy into a positive focus on the inherent potential of the new environment and new ways of working, aligning individual and group performance with strategic objectives. Through addressing the fundamental requirements of successful transformation, this process creates clarity, sets up a road map and establishes measurement and evaluation methods, thereby shepherding the organization through the transformation. This effort begins before the landmark event, continues through, and remains active beyond. The process is scalable and self-correcting by design and thus, ultimately flexible.


Complex, complicated, multi-stakeholder projects are typical examples of OPX architecture engagements. Strategic analysis, managing multiple entities and consultants, organizing and integrating methodologies, and re-imagining how projects can be best designed and delivered comprise our architecture “wheelhouse.” Both new and historic projects with constantly moving parts, intertwined priorities and challenges are tailor-made for our integrated approach and expertise.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking uses design methodology to generate new ideas. Design Thinking helps redefine and reframe situations that lead to new solutions and helps solve business challenges that haven’t been solved by conventional business thinking.

Sustainable Design

“Green” is more than just a buzzword at OPX. We’ve always thought it made sense to provide our clients with high-performing buildings and spaces that are less expensive to operate, healthier for occupants and friendlier to the natural world. This line of thought inspires us as we create, evaluate and implement sustainable design solutions that help our clients attain their goals while minimizing their impact on the environment. As a thought leader in sustainability, we designed the first LEED®-certified hotel in North America (the University of Maryland University Inn & Conference Center). Our sustainable work continues with over 20 LEED certified projects including: the LEED Platinum CI offices of Navigant in Washington, DC and one of the first LEED Gold properties in Marriott’s portfolio (the Courtyard Marriott Chevy Chase).