OPX | Our Process
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Our Process

The Integrated Operating Environment (IOE) approach to design goes above and beyond traditional architecture and interior design improvements. We offer our clients a multi-step process which identifies the current operational, technical, and cultural trends within their organization. The results enable us to create the most appropriate designs for their organization, to make personalized recommendations that enhance their current operations, and foster future growth.

Our Process

Organizations that can most benefit from IOE are in some sort of transition, whether that a significant growth (or shrinkage), new leadership, change of strategic direction, shift in client expectations, business-model transformation, merger or acquisition, lease expiration, and/or a move. There are opportunities in these kinds of organizations to think about how to operate differently in order to be more effective in the future.

Your Key Resources Aligned

An OPX Integrated Operating Environment helps your organization maximize performance and achieve its goals. By taking an approach that goes beyond traditional architecture and design practices, we enable our clients to deliver on their strategic objectives by integrating the three elements vital to every organization:

people, tools and place 

Your Key Resources Aligned
misaligned and aligned together in one
IOE: Step by Step

The most significant value of IOE may be cultural, as everyone in the organization has the opportunity to provide input throughout the engagement. While the decisions are typically made by leadership, the IOE process substantially increases buy-in for what will certainly be a changed environment. Every step of our process is designed to ensure that the outcome matched, desire and visions that both leadership and staff of any group have had a hand in shaping.