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Movin’ On Up

We are happy to announce these 5 OPXers have been promoted to Associate: Micah Burger, Becca Landwehr, Celena Rendon Perez, Harry Ross, and Matthew Vargas


Micah Burger is a key contributor to our Integrated Operating Environment (IOE) process. When he is not leading focus groups, implementing surveys and facilitating vision sessions, he is analyzing the data gathered throughout the process and organizing it in a way that is easily relatable and understandable. A true visual communicator, he is the man behind the IOE curtain – framing the conversation around what it means to make good companies #workbetter!

Becca Landwehr, or coach as she’s known around the office, is as much a force at the drawing board as she is on the volleyball court. Always one to rally the troops, Becca not only leads the office team to victory on the sand, but she also is managing a large and multi-faceted headquarters project with aplomb. With enthusiasm, wit, and humor, Becca plays an integral role in a myriad of projects across OPX – from Work Better Day and social media dominance, to design projects and IOE strategy and implementation. A true Midwesterner at heart, Becca’s energetic and inspired approach to leadership, collaboration, and design help us and our clients #workbetter!

Celena Rendon is a passionate designer who embraces her opportunity to promote a vision for the workplace, and she’s succeeded in doing so for various national and international OPX corporate clients. She loves the challenges of space planning, as it allows her to figure out a puzzle and imagine how users will engage with the space. She furthers this vision by taking the lead on design renderings that allow our clients to imagine themselves in these spaces, too. From logistics to look and feel, she truly helps our clients envision how they might #workbetter!

Harry Ross is an architect’s architect – leading the charge on a multi-phased, multi-level, multi-aspect project for a confidential client. Working on both interior and exterior aspects of this space has been a true challenge that Harry has handled with confidence and intrigue. A self-professed “architecture nerd,” there is no detail and no problem that Harry will not attempt to solve. OPXers say Harry is both modest and calming – great qualities that make our clients #workbetter!

Matt Vargas is widening his design lens every day. A registered architect, Matt is now swimming in all pools of design. From graphics to architectural details and back to interiors, this left-handed creative is a drawing fiend and will not be stopped – except for maybe a cold brew. Don’t think he only communicates with sketching, however – OPXers praise him for his writing ability, thought leadership and expertise in storytelling. We’re grateful to have Matt see many ways to make good companies #workbetter


We appreciate their commitment to our work, clients, and culture. Congratulations all!

Micah Burger

Micah Burger