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Following Through

“It was character that got us out of bed, commitment that moved us into action, and discipline that enabled us to follow through.”
-Zig Ziglar (American Motivational Speaker and Author)

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Recently, my daughter heard a motivational speaker (Curtis Zimmerman, www.curtiszimmerman.com) as a part of her college orientation. After the lecture, she went up to him, asked him for his card, and suggested to him that he and I meet. Apparently my daughter thought we had some common ground in how we each see life and business!

After she returned from the presentation, she delivered the card to me, told me about his ideas, what she’d done, and suggested that I to go to his website and then contact him – which I did.

Shortly after my email to him – he called me. I have to admit I was a little surprised. He likely can’t remember all the people who come up to him after his talks, and he wouldn’t know me if I fell on him – but, he called.

After we talked a while, he offered to meet me next time he was in Washington and said that we could talk more about our businesses and life in general. I thanked him for his call and the offer and was ready to hang up.

And then he said: “I wanted to make sure I called you because I wanted your daughter to know that when she does something like this, something positive happens.”

After the call I reflected on his statement and realized what he had done – he had made a commitment to follow through. Not because my daughter expected it, not because someone told him to, but because for him it was required. And what a difference it made. My daughter feels validation for taking positive action and initiative – that when she acts, something really can and does happen!

Why was I surprised he called me? Because sadly, I expected him NOT to follow through. Having been disappointed by some people not following through (including myself) it seems that I had gotten used to it.

How many of us say we’re going to follow up on a call, a request, an opportunity, and don’t do it? What would have happened if we had? What opportunities did we miss? Who did we not get to know that might have made a difference in our lives, even become a friend? And maybe worse – who did we disappoint? I know there are lots of reasons and justifications for not following through: not enough time, didn’t think it mattered, no overt consequences for not doing it… I’m sure there is an infinite number…

But what if each of us made the same pledge Curtis did? How different would our lives be, how much better, how much more integrity and respect might we earn, and more importantly, how might we positively affect others?

So let’s pledge to follow through and follow up. Let’s see what a difference it can make.


Making the call,



Steve Polo

Steve Polo