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BDWest Lowdown

Daniel Castro, a key player on OPX’s hospitality team, attended BDwest (hospitality trade fair and conference) in March and shared his experience with the rest of the OPX teamover lunch. The conference focused on the growth of boutique hotels, hoteliers’ design expectations, market trends and the millennial generation’s current influence on boutique hotel design.

According to Daniel, hoteliers and millennials are looking for more out of their hotels – they’re looking for originality, comfort and aesthetics. No more will cookie cutter design fly; hoteliers are looking to challenge the norm. As designers, it is increasingly important to listen to the client and design a space that encompasses their vision, tells the brand’s story and invites users to decompress and embrace the guest experience.

Daniel shared several unique hotels and design concepts – my personal favorite was the Hyatt Regency Dusseldorf’s Café D. The space, unlike traditional hospitality cafés, is designed to bring hotel staff and guests together, which provides both parties with a sense of community. The guests are able to mix with the “locals” and the staff is also given an opportunity to mingle together and with the end user.

BDwest takeaway:

  • Demand for boutique hotels is growing – occupancy rates and RevPAR is up from 2013
  • Hoteliers want their hotels to be original and to tell a story
  • Millennials are going to play a key role in design
  • Designers should listen to your client – design to their standards, not the norm


Lee Quinby